The Brainwashed Mainstream Media

The Brainwashed Mainstream Media

I couldn't help but notice the following statement in the Telegraph article Meet the Covid Comfortables: the middle classes who got richer in the pandemic, 9th of October 2021:

"... It has been a global catastrophe. The official Covid death toll is almost five million people and the real figure is likely to be between two and three times higher. ..."

That is pure horse shit. The number of deaths likely to be 2 and 3 times higher than reported. Don't make me laugh.

Many people and some of which are health worker professionals estimate the true number of deaths is 10 times exaggerated. It is well-known that anyone in the UK who died with cold/flu like symptoms had added to their death "from COVID-19". Even up to 28 days of having cold/flu-like symptoms you would have "from COVID-19" on your death certificate. Then there was the cancellation of post-mortems to verify the number of deaths. Typically, your own GP had to be one of two medical staff who signed off your death certificate, but not when COVID-19 came along as all of the usual protocol was thrown out of the window. Then there is the testing, which is as accurate as flipping a coin. And so on and so.

Amazing how the gullible soak up the brainwashing.

Self-Isolate Even If Test Negative

I couldn't help but laugh at the following article, 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic:

Self-isolate with Covid symptoms even if you test NEGATIVE, MSN, 9th of October 2021.

Becky Reynolds, director of public health for Bath and North East Somerset Council, said:

'If thinking it through there is quite a chance you have Covid, even if the PCR is coming back negative, then regard it as Covid and self-isolate. "

The UK authorities have been advising to self-isolate even in the case of negative test results right since back March 2020. I have known several people who have told me that a negative result can be worse than a positive result as you'll generally be told that it could be a false negative. A positive result is never a false positive but a negative result can always be a false-negative. That has always summed up this bullshit from the start.