The "No Jab - No Job" Lie

The "No Jab - No Job" Lie

In October the Health Secretary Sajid Javid told care workers if they refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine then face unemployment and go and get another job:

'If you object, get another job': Sajid Javid issues stern warning to unjabbed care home workers as he refuses to halt requirement for them to be fully vaccinated, Mail, 2nd of October 2021.

The man is a stupid puppet but let's take a look at the flawed logic behind these bold words.

In July 2021, Javid tested positive for COVID-19 after receiving 2 vaccinations:

Health secretary Sajid Javid tests positive for Covid, BBC News, 17th of July 2021.

He said his symptoms were mild, which they can be irrespective of whether you've been vaccinated or not, and so that is a red herring.

So, we see that even the Health Secretary can be tested positive after receiving 2 vaccinations. Being positive means that you can then transmit the disease to other persons, and why he self-isolated for a period of 10 days.

So, why is it mandatory to be vaccinated if you can still catch COVID-19 and still pass it on?

There is no rational answer to that question and we can only conclude that he is selling a lie. And the lie is the forced enforcement of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

UK cases since February 2020 to October 2021. Vaccination in the UK began in December 2020. We then saw the seasonal fall in cases as better weather commenced, as has been the case for centuries. And as Autumn approached - guess what - the number of cases started to rise again. But hold on a minute - isn't vaccination supposed to stop this pattern? If it doesn't then where is the case for mandatory vaccination?

Today it is COVID-19 and care workers. Tomorrow it will be all NHS workers. The day after that it will all health care workers. The day after that it will be all government workers. The day after that it will be all workers. The day after that it will be patients attending health care centres for treatment. And so on and so forth until every man, woman, child, baby, cat and dog is vaccinated every month for every year of their lives.