The Suddenly Unacceptable "Natural Immunity"

The Suddenly Unacceptable "Natural Immunity"

If you live in the UK, think back to March/April 2020 when the country was descended into the nonsense that is lockdown. While ordered to stay at home and only venture outside for "essential" items, the people were advised to go for a daily walk and take regular exercise, grab some sunshine in order to top up on your vitamin D level, eat fresh fruit each day to keep a your vitamin C level healthy, and so on. All good advise that should be adhered to all throughout your life in order to maintain a healthy "natural immunity".

Come Autumn 2021 when the vaccination takeup was flagging, suddenly "natural immunity" wasn't so fashionable. "Natural immunity" had been replaced by "Artificial vaccination".

The UK's flagging COVID-19 vaccine takeup from the first jab in December 2020, through to October 2021.

In September 2021 Instagram banned the hashtag #naturalimmunity:

Instagram ‘fueling conspiracy theorists’ by banning #naturalimmunity hashtag, Metro, 17th of September 2021.

Don't you just love the title of that article - "fueling conspiracy theorists". Suddenly, it becomes a conspiracy theory to believe in one's own natural immunity.

As discussed elsewhere, medical professionals were threatened, told to stop using the term "natural immunity" and even told to apologise for using such references.

In March 2020 the phrase "natural immunity" would have been praised. Roll on 18th months and it could have you banned, unplugged, de-platformed, silenced or whatever bullshit social media word there is for it.

The sudden uncomfortable nature of "natural immunity" sums up the whole free-speech debate. When the powers to be say it's OK to use the term "natural immunity" then you're OK to do so. When the powers to be say stop using it or you'll be silenced then you can no longer use it. Modern day free-speech is the ability to say what you like provided it has been pre-arranged.