The Vaccine Cover Up

The Vaccine Cover Up

They just can't play a fair game can they? Here are just 2 instances of the COVID-19 vaccine cover up that is bit by bit leaking through:

"Explosive revelations about the FDA and Pfizer's COVID vaccine [PART 1]", CensorTube, 20th of December 2021.

And guess what - just a few days after being uploaded it was deleted !! Unbelievable. I watched this video and it consisted of a journalist providing details of an FOI request to release documentation about the Pfizer vaccine, its deployment and instances of adverse reactions and deaths. I'm confident that the host and journalist knew that if they made any form of speculation then their video would be deleted, and so they kept to simply passing on the released details. And what does YouTube do? They delete the video.I'm confident that YouTube is not acting alone here and that they were instructed to remove the video by either Pfizer or some US government body.

How can not relaying FOI documents to the public not be in the public's interest? Suppressing such information is effectively a cover up.

The video detailed how hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation pertaining to the Pfizer vaccine have been requested for public release and that they and the US government have effectively prevented the free flow of information by only releasing 500 pages per month. What have they got to hide? What are they scared of?

Next, we see the formal account of what happened to Maddie de Garay following receiving the Pfizer vaccine:

How many more adverse effects have been covered up during the trials? - Maddie de Garay's story, CensorTube, 13th of December 2021.

A life destroyed and no response from Pfizer, the FDA or any other public health bodies. They are not interested in sorting out their own mess.

And all the time they continue to keep pushing the vaccine message: get vaccinated, vaccine mandates, ...

Maddie de Garay's mother giving evidence.

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