UKGov Increasingly Likes Harassing Its Own Citizens

UKGov Increasingly Likes Harassing Its Own Citizens

Yet more crap to float over the Atlantic from the US to the UK is the idea of believing you in some way have tho right to harass people by knocking on their door and asking them if they have been vaccinated. December 2021 saw the start of this bollocks:

Covid vaccination squads may be sent in to knock on people's doors, Telegraph & Argus, 26th of December 2021.

I despise cold callers at the best of tines, but for UKGov to allow access to a person's medical records and to send out plebs to follow up on vaccinated/unvaccinated data is truly sinking to new lows.

As I have said before, will they be knocking on the doors of HIV positive people next? Or those with TB ans sexually transmitted diseases? No. But when it comes to COVID-19 anything goes. A very confused sense of ethics indeed.

Whether I have been vaccinated or not is between me and my doctor. It's a well-established and globally accepted moral code, or it was until recently.