US Workers Refusing to be Vaccinated

US Workers Refusing to be Vaccinated

The following Big Black Cock (BBC) article discusses several cases of US workers refusing to be vaccinated:

Covid vaccine: Why these US workers won't get jabbed, BBC News, 10th of October 2021.

I agree 100% with the views of Kahseim Outlaw when he says:

"I do not use any kind of synthetic ingredients in my life, whether that be for medicinal purposes, supplementation or food. So the idea of becoming inoculated is something that goes directly against the way that I live my life ... The way that our soul speaks to us, that little voice that tells us when something is in alignment or not, that voice is telling me that I need to make this particular decision right now."

Kahseim Outlaw was a teacher but found himself made redundant for refusing to be vaccinated.

America - the land of the free - what horse manure.