Vaccinating 12-15 Year Olds With COVID-19

Vaccinating 12-15 Year Olds With COVID-19

September 2021 saw the stupid SNP Scottish government set up drop-in clinics for COVID-19 vaccines for 12 to 15 year old children:

West Lothian residents aged 12 to 15 now able to get a Covid-19 vaccine at drop-in clinic, Daily Record, 20th of September 2021.

The article states:

"... to offer a single dose of the covid vaccine to all healthy 12 to 15 year olds. ..."

It sums up the entire bollocks - vaccinating the healthy against something that they don't fall victim to anyway unless they have an underlying health condition.

More children will fall ill and could die from the vaccine than lives saved.

Injecting under 16s with an experimental vaccine that was NOT tested on this age group, since they were one of three groups [<16s, pregnant women, allergy sufferers] that the vaccines were never tested. Absolute madness.

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