Vaccination Does Not Prevent Infection

Vaccination Does Not Prevent Infection


Data from Israel's 4th wave of infection rates compared against their vaccination programme reveals that vaccination does NOT prevent infection:

Israel’s ‘fourth wave’ data: Vaccination does not prevent infection, America's Frontline Doctors, 12th of September 2021.

The article states:

"New data from Israel confirms that four months after mass vaccination the vaccinated public becomes infected with COVID at about the same rate as the unvaccinated. ..."

So - the vaccine passports and mandatory requirement in order to work is all complete nonsense.

The Figure on the left shows the number of cases in Israel since February 2020. There were more new cases in September 2021 than at the previous peaks. But how can that be after all of the social distancing, face nappies, lockdowns, restrictions, vaccination, ...

When are people going to learn that there is no beating viruses but instead learning to live with them as they are an integral part of life and our own makeup.


As Dr Dhand discusses in the following AdTube video, Singapore is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and yet has seen large increases in the number of COVID-19 cases:

Highly vaccinated SINGAPORE suffers COVID surge…what does this mean scientifically?, AdTube video, 30th of September 2021.

Number of new cases of COVID-19 in Singapore as of the 30th of September 2021

The percentage of Singapore's population that were vaccinated against COVID-19 as of the 30th of September.

A month later and things in Singapore had got worse than ever. On the 27th of October they recorded 5,324 new cases - in 1 day! Consistently throughout October they were recording between 2 and 10 times more cases than during their peak cases breakout in May 2020. What more proof does one need that the vaccination against coronavruses does not work, or certainly not as we were made to believe.

What was the point of the mass vaccination plan in Singapore if they now have more cases than before vaccination.

Number of new cases of COVID-19 in Singapore as of the 29th of October 2021.

But how can there be more cases of COVID-19 in September 2021 than when the outbreak first occurred in March 2020? Isn't vaccination supposed to prevent the spread of the infection and by doing so reduce the number of cases?

Finally, the chickens are coming home to roost and we are seeing through this bullshit.


In the UK I got the impression UKGov was keen to keep quiet about its satellite nation of Gibraltar. As of the 16th of November 2021 it was one of the most vaccinated places on Earth with a staggering approximately 100% of the population vaccinated:

'Most vaccinated' place on earth cancels Christmas, RT, 16th of November 2021.

And yet it saw a return of new cases.

New daily cases in Gibraltar as of the 29th of November 2021.


It was a pattern being played out across the world. As of the 12th of November 2021, Germany had vaccinated 69% of its population. But guess what - yes, more new daily cases than ever:

Daily new cases in Germany, as of November 2021. Hey look - more cases than ever and with ~70% of the population vaccinated.

On the 26th of November 2021 Germany reported 76,132 new cases. The previous highest number of new daily cases was 32,546 on the 14th of April 2020. That is more than double the number of cases after a nationwide vaccination programme.

I found it amusing that the unvaccinated were blamed and saw themselves once again subjected to unnecessary lockdown restrictions in Austria and Germany. It was well-known by then that both the unvaccinated and vaccinated caught and spread the infection to the same degree, but that fact made little difference to those in government who continued to push ahead with their perverted agenda.

Of course - subjecting the unvaccinated to lockdown restrictions was nothing more than a way of indirectly trying to get them vaccinated. A particularly sadistic tactic.

As from the start, it is in fact not the cases number that is important but the death number. In Germany at their first peak on the 15th of April 2020 they had 310 deaths and around 6,800 cases (cases/deaths=22). On the 18th of November they had 261 deaths and 64,000 cases (cases/deaths=245). There was no comparison.


In November 2021 in Scotland 88% of people over the age of 18 had been vaccinated:

Covid Scotland: Everything John Swinney said during Scottish Parliament briefing, Edinburgh Live, 9th of November 2021.

and yet cases were more than ever!

On the 10th of November 2021, 3,852 positive cases were reported , with 9% of all tests conducted being positive. 753 people were in hospital with COVID-19, 57 people in intensive care are as a result of COVID, and 20 deaths reported over the past 24 hours. How can that be with 88% of the population vaccinated? What they couldn't bring themselves to admit was that an increasing number of patients in ICU had been through the vaccination process.

The deputy First Minister then went onto warn that measures currently in place may need to be reassessed and introduced on a stricter level, including face coverings and vaccine passports. But what about the vaccination programme?

We now have the data to prove beyond doubt that lockdown measures, social-distancing, face nappies and vaccination does not prevent the spread of infection. There's actually a strong case to argue that it has made things worse - the data certainly shows that to be the case. Compare the ~300 daily cases in April 2020 against the ~6,000 cases in October 2021 - that is 6,000/300=20 times worse. October 2020 was before vaccination commenced and 1 year later with 88% vaccinated and again these 1 year apart events have a magnification in the number of cases of 6,000/1,000=6 times worse. By any measure how can that be considered a positive outcome?

Some people would argue that things would be far worse if we had done nothing. Of course that is speculation, but what we do know is that the situation is far worse following all of the imposed measures, restrictions, destruction of the economy and people's way of life, ...

Daily new cases of COVID-19 in Scotland from April 2020 through to November 2021.

An 88% vaccinated population and more cases than ever!



The Table below shows the number of officially reported COVID-19 cases in the weeks 41 - 44 of 2021. This is official data extracted from the horse's own mouth. If we discount the first row of those < 18 years old we see in every other row that the number of cases of the vaccinated far outweighs the number of cases of the unvaccinated. Consider age group 50-59 for example - there were (117,264-6,922)/6,922 = 16 times as many vaccinated who tested positive than unvaccinated. 16 times! But how can that be? Isn't being vaccinated supposed to prevent the spread of infection? In the case of Flu/COVID-19 viruses the data proves beyond all doubt that the vaccines do not prevent the spread of the disease.

COVID-19 cases in the UK between weeks 41-44, comparing the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.


Defending the Indefensible

One of the fascinating aspects of the COVID-19 outbreak was how time and time again political "leaders" and government officials repeatedly attempted to defend the indefensible. A nice example was in September 2021 in relation to the vaccinating of 12-15 year old children in the UK:

COVID-19: 'Virtually any child' would get coronavirus between 12 and 15 without vaccination - Whitty, Sky News, 22nd of September 2021.

The government advisor Chris Whitty actually stated:

"Approximately half of all children have already had coronavirus during the pandemic ... The great majority of children who have not currently had COVID are going to get it at some point. ..."

He's so thick he doesn't realise what he said. If by September 2021 half of all children had had COVID-19 and effectively none died, then what is the point of being vaccinated? And yes, since ~50% have come into contact with the virus and it just washed over them, then given sufficient time it follows that the other 50% will contract the virus, and once again wash over them. So, why do all children need to be vaccinated? And if you are going to vaccinate children why not focus on the 50% that haven't had it?

Really - these people are either simpletons or hood-winkers. And my guess is a bit of both.

Lancet Study

The following Lancet study showed that double-vaccinated people are just as likely to infect others;

Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK: a prospective, longitudinal, cohort study, Lancet, A Singanayagam, et al, Lancet, 29th of October 2021.

The study states:

"SAR among household contacts exposed to fully vaccinated index cases was similar to household contacts exposed to unvaccinated index cases (25% [95% CI 15–35] for vaccinated vs 23% [15–31] for unvaccinated)."

Vaccination DOES NOT prevent infection.

The study also highlights the uselessness of the vaccines:

“We found that susceptibility to infection increased already within a few months after the second vaccine dose - so those eligible for booster shots should get them promptly.”

It is clear that at this moment in time vaccination against coronaviruses is of limited use.

Closing Words

The booster vaccine [Vaccine Number 3] is a public admission that the first 2 vaccines DIDN'T WORK !