Vaccines - The Arms Race

Vaccines - The Arms Race

I find articles like this amusing:

Greater Manchester's Covid-19 'blackspots' as Omicron variant hits UK , Manchester Evening News, 1st of December 2021.

It states two things that make me smile:

1) Greater Manchester's biggest Covid-19 ‘blackspot’ has emerged in Stockport - as the first cases of the new ‘Omicron’ variant are discovered in the UK.

2) The World Health Organization has warned the Omicron variant of the coronavirus poses a ‘very high’ risk across the world.

I love the language of "blackspot" and helps whip up hysteria. It also touches on the point of cases of this so-called new variant being "discovered". We all saw in the early days of the omicron variant hitting the UK of "2 cases in England", "7 cases in Scotland", and so on. If you tested (assuming your tests work) every single man, woman, child, cat and dog you'd find thousands of cases. Why? Because CVs are unstoppable. If you haven't learnt that lesson since the start of 2020, then you've learnt nothing.

The second point touches on the arms race that governments, vaccine manufacturers, the medical profession and people have entered. There's a virus - you zap it with a vaccine - it adapts and becomes stronger - you zap it with a modified vaccine - it adapts and becomes stronger ... There is no defeating these viruses and all you do is enter an arms race with the emotionless things. What are we supposed to do - just crawl under a stone and die? I hear people ask. Not necessarily and there is a strong case for letting it run its course and be beaten by natural immunity. Because the alternative is what we are doing and indirectly forcing adaptation on it.

So, the WHO states that the latest strain of COVID-19 is a very high risk. Also, is the tampering with stuff we have no idea of what we are playing with. We've all heard of the MRSA superbug which adapted to become resistant to the penicillin type of antibiotics and other currently used antibiotics - we created this superbug. There is a good chance the same will happen with CVs.