Victoria - Australia - The Police State

Victoria - Australia - The Police State

What fascinates me about Victoria in Australia is how it just gets worse and worse. The elected politicians and representatives continue to not feel the mood of the people, and also to listen to the reactions of those in different states in Australia and abroad.

On the 1st of November 2021, Daniel Andrews and Co were pushing for passing new legislation to declare a pandemic even if there are no cases, for an unlimited period of time in order to lock down the people at will:

Chilling new reality for Victorians with Dan Andrews to confine 6.8 million to their homes or leave them facing jail or bankruptcy with $90K fines - and all he has to do is declare there is a pandemic, Mirror, 1st of November 2021.

The proposed legislation would assign the power to the health minister to make "any order" he deems "reasonably necessary" including lockdowns, vaccine mandates and enforced mask-wearing. It is a move towards a fully authoritarian and Stasi Police State.

The proposed fines for being a naughty boy and not doing what you are told are equally scary, with Victorians potentially facing up to $90,870 (~£50,000) for breaking the rules by taking off their masks or leaving home for a non-authorised reason, while businesses can be fined up to $454,350 (~£250,000) for serious breaches.

This is what happens when the people hand over their freedom to a bunch of maniacs.

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