We Are 1 Minute to Midnight - Really!

We Are 1 Minute to Midnight - Really!

At the nonsense COP26 event in November 2021, Boris Johnson stated that the world is at "one minute to midnight", having run down the clock on waiting to combat climate change:

COP26: World at one minute to midnight over climate change - Boris Johnson, BBC News, 1st of November 2021.

I really don't rate the man, and believe he has a weak form of insanity.

Does he think he's starring in some sort of end of the world film or reading from a dystopian novel?

I gave up believing any of their rhetoric about climate change a long time ago. If he was truly concerned about the climate then put an end by way of law to the use of plastic from tomorrow. The world has known about the environmental damage of plastic for a good 40 years now and yet very little changes from year to year. What has Johnson done to free the world of plastic during his term of office? Nothing.

Shown below is a typical photograph from the cosmetics aisle of a supermarket. Next time you pay a visit to your local supermarket, try and find a non-plastic bottle of shampoo, conditioner, etc. You'll struggle:

A typical supermarket shelf in the cosmetics aisle. A sea of plastic - literally, since that's where it will end up.

All of these products could be shipped in fully recyclable glass bottles. But the use of plastic continues. Plastics don't just pollute the oceans, land, our guts and blood systems but also consume oil to manufacture. It's ironic that people see petrol and diesel vehicles as the oil/gas burners but always fail to mention the production of plastics.

And what's the political elite's solution? What do people like Johnson propose? Charging 5p for a plastic shopping bag. Wow - that's going to save the planet. If the world is truly at "one minute to midnight" then ban the use of plastic. But it's not going to happen, because deep down all of the attendees at the COP26 gathering don't give a shit about the environment, and even more worrying don't actually understand it.