West Lothian Council - BigBrother is Addressing You

West Lothian Council - BigBrother is Addressing You

I had to laugh when I read the following article about West Lothian councillors spouting off how they aim to protect the environment:

West Lothian Council takes steps to improve and protect local biodiversity, Daily Record, 27th of October 2021.

Anyone who is familiar with the district of West Lothian will know that this is absolute bollocks. Here is a council that has built, built and built again housing and masses of social housing with total disregard for the environment for over 40 years. They then suddenly develop a conscience and talk about protecting local biodiversity - they must think people are stupid. All West Lothian council cares about is council tax and how they can spend it on social housing and the settlement of immigrants. As for theatres, music halls, lyceum theatres, botanical gardens, gardens, ... - they are none existent.

You only had to wait 2 days until we read a more realistic article in Edinburgh Live about the destruction of an ancient woodland. And what for? Have a guess - yes, to build more houses:

West Lothian anger over destruction of trees to make way for houses despite ancient woodland bid, Edinburgh Live, 29th of October 2021.

West Lothian Council propaganda.

The reality.