What a Surprise!

What a Surprise!

Who was surprised by the terrorist attack in Liverpool in November 2021? No one.

What can you expect when you have a pathetic border security, you allow hundreds and on some days thousands of illegal immigrants to enter your country, you have a failed migration system, you actively encourage illegal immigrants into the country via the City Sanctuaries system, fork out £1billion/year contracts to the likes of Serco to feed and house illegals, have hundreds of questionable charities and legal firms defending these illegals, have so many they house them in hotels and B&Bs, allow illegals to wander the streets freely, etc, etc, etc. And then someone innocent person dies like it is something we never expected.

This article in the Telegraph exposes what we've all known for years of how the immigrants exploit the naive numpties at the church to gain entry to the UK and also to assist them from being deported:

Church under fire in wake of Liverpool suicide bombing for helping asylum seekers to ‘game’ system, The Telegraph, 17th of November 2021.

There are UK charities and organisations who advise illegals to apply for changing faith as a way of blocking deportation.

And the latest Muslim murderer: a 32 year old Syrian called Emad al-Swealmeen who after his initial application was rejected in 2014 "converted" to Christianity on a five-week course [probably paid for by the State] in a bid to persuade officials to let him stay in the MugUK. He was allowed to stay in the UK for 7 years after his application was rejected, and then ultimately he went on a killing spree. He traveled by taxi to the women's hospital, clearly in an attempt to murder as many people in the hospital as possible, and his bomb went off either accidentally or earlier than expected. Fortunately the numpty only managed to blow himself up but regrettably injuring a taxi driver (David Perry) in the process. One less illegal for the British taxpayer to fund.

Another outlet that has been a back door into the UK and a way of remaining here is the University sector. All the universities care about is money and if that can come from foreign "students" then so be it. There are thousands each year who enter the UK by way of signing up for a course and once in the UK vanish and are never seen again. We subsequently learned that Emad al-Swealmeen was on some bullshit "cake decoration course" at City of Liverpool College:

Liverpool terror suspect's last words to cab driver before bomb blast, Liverpool Echo, 17th of November 2021.

The Church's Response

The Church of England says it is not aware of any link between conversion and asylum system abuse:

Liverpool bomb: Church not aware of converts abusing asylum system, BBC News, 17th of November 2021.

What - thousands of Muslim illegal immigrants suddenly converting to Christianity once they arrive on British shores, and you're not aware of any link!


Whatever It Takes

In this November 2021 Telegraph article we read of how illegals will resort to having religious tats to try and remain in the UK:

Migrants use tattoos of Jesus and crucifixes to aid asylum claims, The Telegraph, 20th of November 2021.

Nothing surprises me anymore with this lot.

Just look at these muppets. They are a disgrace to human DNA. Straight out of the Dark Ages, and where they belong.