Why Aren't They Imposing Flu Vaccine Mandates?

Why Aren't They Imposing Flu Vaccine Mandates?

Each year, flu is responsible for killing around 650,000 people worldwide. That is from the WHO's own mouth.

So, why aren't flu vaccines mandatory?

There is a logical inconsistency here, which few people seem to have brought to people's attention.

As of December 2021, Worldometer was reporting a total of 5.2 million COVID-19 deaths in just short of 2 years, or 2.6 million/year. Many argue these numbers could be exaggerated by a factor of 10, bringing the total down to 260,000. If this is true then it is less severe than the annual flu. But if there are calls for COVID-19 vaccine mandates then surely the same must apply to annual flu.

Why aren't governments rolling out vaccine 1, vaccine 2, vaccine 3 (booster), vaccine 4, ... for flu? Why aren't governments making flu vaccines mandatory?

As usual with anything to do with COVID-19, things don't add up.