Zero COVID-19 - The Bullshit That Is

Zero COVID-19 - The Bullshit That Is

A child could sniff out the irrationality of a zero COVID-19 strategy:

The unending economic nightmare created by Australia's zero-Covid strategy, The Telegraph, 26th of July 2021

If a double jabbed person can test positive then if every single person was jabbed you still would never achieve a zero COVID-19 state.

COVID-19 is a member of the coronavirus group, as is the common cold and flu. So, does Australia implement a zero-common cold and zero-flu nation? Pre-COVID-19, if you'd have said to anyone in Australia that we are aiming for a zero-common cold and zero-flu country, they'd have laughed at you. But zero-COVID-19 - they actually took it seriously. The only way you'd achieve a zero-COVID-19 state is to not test anyone.

Australia is governed by simpletons. Or, is it a case of Australia being governed by China who are trying to bankrupt the Australian economy so they can move in and own the country? A bit of both I think.