Articles - 2022

Articles - 2022

Tony [Iraq Genocide] Blair and His Knighthood

JK Rowling Cancelled for Stating Biological Truths

Black Racism

Vaccine Mandates - Becoming a Global Curse

"Sound Cameras" - What Next?

Why I Hate the Human Race

At Last - An NHS Doctor Who Has the Guts to Stand Up to UKGov

Eventually You Run Out of Spending Other Peoples Money

From a Funeral Director's Perspective

A Biased Government and Media

The Truth About Animal Farming in Australia - the Dominion Movement Documentary

Pfizer and the FDA Ordered to Adhere to Freedom of Information

Midget Gems and The Black Bitch

Gina Miller - the Anti-Democratic Who Tried to Launch a Political Party!

Playing the Faith Card

Djokovic - "could foster anti-vaccine sentiment"

BBC - Your Days Are Numbered

Morrisons, IKEA and Next

COVID-19 Deaths With No Underlying Conditions

Test-demic Verification

When the Data Not Longer Suits the Agenda it Suddenly Becomes Unreliable

What Is It About Australia and New Zealand?

It's One Big Party at Number 10

France Has Truly Embraced the Test-demic

Modern Day Science ... Fiction

Support Bodily Sovereignty

COVID-19 and the Mental Health Fallout

UKGov Got the Age Down to 5 for COVID-19 Vaccines

What Does It Take Today To Get A Custodial Prison Sentence?

Who Pulls Sir Jeremy Farrar's Strings?

Mr Thumbs Up

Australia Reopening Its Borders to Tourists - But Why Would I Want to Go?

The Vatican and Inequality

Is Adele the Best Musician of Today?

People Can't Take a Joke

Fukushima - 11 Years On

Spain Relaxes Restrictions to Allow Tourists Into the Country

Johnson (Mr Thumbs Up) Is Such an Alarmist

Sainsbury's Contribution to the Russia-Ukraine War Effort

Conflict Marketing

Scotland Has More Cases of COVID-19 Than Ever - How Can That Be?

Animal Rights - Do They Have Any?

IoM - Now Singing a Very Different Tune

Boris Becker and the BBC

Afghanistan versus Ukraine

The Royals - Still Living in the Dark Ages

Graphene Oxide Found in COVID-19 Vaccines

Clap the NHS

The Bullshit That Is COVID-19 Symptoms

Elon Musk - A Bit of a Twit

UK - The 1% of the World's Population Nation That Seriously Believes It Can Sort Out The Other 99%'s Problems

More Than 2 Years On And The COVID-19 Bullshit Continues

Another Pedo in British Politics


Le Pen for French President - Think Again

Zero COVID-19 - The Bullshit That Is

Long Term Vaccine Side Effects

Jane Austen's Day Was Just Full of Such Images

Wimbledon Doesn't Like Russians

UK Legal System - An Arse

Pandemic Seriously Damaged the Public - Government Relationship

What Some People Think of Their Local Environment

Growing Plants in Lunar Soil - What a Stupid Species Humans Are