A Biased Government and Media

A Biased Government and Media

Take this article for example:

Dad-of-nine taken in by anti-vaxx social media was desperate for jab before he died, Liverpool Echo, 9th of January 2022.

I've lost count of how many such article headlines I've seen.

You could argue they are just reporting what they are being fed, and I can see that but there is more to it than that and actually a government, media and social suppression taking place.

You will never and I mean never see an article entitled:

"Dad-of-nine left paralyzed for life by vaccine and asks others not to have it"

That would be unbiased news coverage, but we never see it.

Because I never see such articles I do not trust the mainstream media, nor the government that feeds the media such stories.

The way governments and the business world do it is via advertising. They are told that if you publish such articles and exercise free and unbiased coverage then your advertising will be cut.