Afghanistan versus Ukraine

Afghanistan versus Ukraine

It's interesting to compare the genocides in Afghanistan by the US, UK and others and that in the Ukraine by Russia. Leaders in the Western thought it was OK to murder 600,000+ innocent Iraqi civilians and 100,000s Afghans. Those in Iraq and Afghanistan disagreed. Russian leaders think it is OK to murder thousands in Ukraine, whereas the Ukrainians and many in the West disagree.

As Russia continues its genocide in Ukraine, people in the West are taking refugees into their homes, banning Russian goods, etc. Westerners developing a real hatred for all things Russian. When the West invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, there would have been a similar banning of all things Western and the build up of all things Western.

For those in the West the genocides of Iraq and Afghanistan were right, whereas the genocide of Ukraine is wrong.

As always, there is no right or wrong and it just depends on which side of the fence you happen to find yourself.

All war, conflict, murder and genocide is utterly pointless because it in the long term it achieves nothing. Thousands of years of wars have shown this.