Another Pedo in British Politics

Another Pedo in British Politics

British politics is like the Church for attracting pedos. This time it is the Muslim Imran Ahmad Khan who in April 2022 was found convicted of sexually assaulting a 15 year old in 2008:

Tory Crispin Blunt criticised for 'disgraceful' comments on jury conviction of fellow MP Imran Ahmad Khan, Sky News, 12th of April 2022.

Apparently Khan was a homosexual. The above article is actually about another homosexual in government called Tony Crispin Blunt who went out of his way criticising the jury's verdict conviction referring to it as:

"dreadful miscarriage of justice and nothing short of an international scandal ... relied on lazy tropes about LGBT+ people" and that it would result in "dreadful wider implications for LGBT Muslims "around the world".

Blunt is the former justice minister and currently chairs the cross-party LGBT+ group. What a weirdo with a twisted sense of morality. How can you adhere to the UK judicial system and then criticise it when a decision is made that you don't agree with because one of your mates is convicted.

So, UK government has a convicted Muslim Pedo and another who doesn't believe in the judicial system even though he once presided over it.

Imran Ahmad Khan - the convicted Pedo.

More UK Politic Sickness

Consider this article which describes the conviction by jury:

Imran Ahmad Khan: MP guilty of sexually assaulting 15-year-old boy at house in 2008, Sky News, 11th of April 2022.

It concludes by detailing under what circumstances Khan can remain as a serving MP. Here is a man convicted of a sex crime against a juvenile and people are seriously considering him remaining as a serving MP. It beggars belief. If he is sentenced to more than a year in prison, Khan will automatically be disqualified from being a parliamentarian and lose his seat. A shorter custodial sentence will lead to a recall petition where voters can choose to kick him out. Why is he not booted out immediately?

So, the UK can have convicted Pedos serving as MPs - or am I missing something here.


I see that Khan later stepped down as an MP:

Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan quits after sexual assault conviction, BBC News, 14th of April 2022.

Custodial Sentence?

I'm still waiting to hear the sentence. I will be very surprised if he receives a custodial sentence because that is not how the British legal system works when it comes to the MPs themselves.

I may be wrong but guess that Khan stepping down as an MP will have been advised as a way of being seen to "pay the price" for his actions.

Time will tell.

Once found guilty by the jury, judge Baker said he will sentence Khan at a date to be fixed. Strange eh as a sentencing date is typically set there and then. This is another indicator that deals will be done as to his sentencing. Why oh why the sentencing isn't done the same day as the verdict (it used to be the case), goodness knows and is a modern day way by the UK legal system of having sentences reduced. There is set guidance that is well laid out relating to the sentencing versus the crime and it's simply a case of looking up in a table. But not in the modern day UK legal system and particularly when it comes to members of the government itself.

Or Has He Stepped Down?

By the 24th of April 2022, Khan still hadn't formally resigned from parliament:

MP convicted of sexually molesting boy, 15, fails to keep his promise to resign, Guardian, 24th of April 2022.

Can any of this lot be trusted?