At Last - An NHS Doctor Who Has the Guts to Stand Up to UKGov

At Last - An NHS Doctor Who Has the Guts to Stand Up to UKGov

I was encouraged to see consultant anaesthetist Steve James speak his mind when faced with the Health Secretary:

COVID-19: Sajid Javid directly challenged on mandatory coronavirus jabs by unvaccinated NHS doctor, Sky News, 7th of January 2022.

He said:

"I'm not happy about that ... I had COVID at some point, I've got antibodies, and I've been working on COVID ICU since the beginning. I have not had a vaccination, I do not want to have a vaccination. The vaccines are reducing transmission only for about eight weeks for Delta, with Omicron it's probably less. And for that, I would be dismissed if I don't have a vaccine? The science isn't strong enough."

He's right, but his point of view falls on deaf ears.

And Where's One, There is Two

I was also greatly encouraged by this consultant doctor's eloquent summing up of the case against vaccine mandates:

BRAVE Man About To Be Sacked Begs You To Write To MP, YouTube, 9th of January 2022.

The Latest UKGov Message

Starting around the 10th of January 2022, the MP puppets started pumping out the new UKGov message of "learn to live with COVID":

Britain must learn to live with Covid, Michael Gove says, The Times, 10th of January 2022.

I find this amusing after 2 years! The message was known from the start as implemented by Sweden and Florida.

What I also find amusing is how they have a strategy of imposing vaccine mandates on NHS staff while at the same time "learn to live with COVID". So, learning to live with COVID involves mandatory vaccines? I think they have their logic confused, as usual.