Boris Becker and the BBC

Boris Becker and the BBC

Doubts have been raised about Boris Becker's honesty and moral code for years. He has been in the mainstream media numerous times with people and workers stating that he refused to pay them for work done on his numerous properties. And yet what has always fascinated me is how the BBC continue to employ him when commentating at Wimbledon. Now, I'm not one for the modern day cancel culture but the BBC have a track record in dropping celebs with the slightest hint of a non-squeaky clean character - Willie Thorne comes to mind who was dropped when it was revealed he'd racked up gambling debts. I'd agree that Thorne's personal life should remain separated from his contractual obligations with the BBC, but that's not how the BBC conducts themselves.

And so why do the BBC continue to flatter Boris Becker? Here we read of the extensive list of 24 allegations of fradualuent behaviour to trying to hide assets after declaring himself bankrupt:

Boris Becker ‘acted dishonestly’ when he failed to hand over Wimbledon titles to settle debts, trial hears, ES, 21st of March 2022.

  • Not declaring his Wimbledon trophies and Olympic gold coin.

  • £950,000 from the sale of a car dealership.

  • Not declaring a loan on a property in Chelsea valued at £750,000.

  • Moving money between accounts to hide assets.

  • etc, etc, etc.

But will the BBC employ him at Wimbledon 2022? Of course they will.


Becker was found guilty on 4 of the 24 allegations; not guilty on 20 of the charges - hard to believe:

Boris Becker guilty of four charges under Insolvency Act, BBC News, 8th of April 2022.

He's to be sentenced on the 29th of April of 2022, but I'll be amazed if he is sentenced to a custodial prison sentence. I mean - if he is detained, who's going to do the BBC's Wimbledon commentary?

It will be the usual suspended sentence and having to do some community service. Whether he pays back his debts is a whole other matter, and I'd be very surprised if he pays back anything. This is how the corrupt legal system works.

Goes to Show You How Wrong You Can Be

Well, well - Becker was ailed for 2.5 years:

Tennis ace Boris Becker jailed for two and a half years for hiding assets from bankruptcy, ES, 29th of April 2022.

Just goes to show how wrong you can be. I would have bet my life on Becker evading a custodial sentence.

Extracts from the above article:

"The court heard there have been £49.1 million claims by creditors in Becker’s bankruptcy, but just £3.1 million has so far been recovered."

Judge Deborah Taylor said: "I accept the humiliation you may have felt, but there's been no humility" and that he used his advisors “like a shield” and showed “little or no interest in engaging"

A great tennis player but a flawed human being.

Will the BBC still employee his commentating services from a prison cell?

Just What Kind Of Sentence Will Becker Serve?

On the 13th of May 2022 The Sun reported that Becker could be moved to a German prison before the year is out and after serving just 7.5 months in a UK prison:

Boris Becker ‘confident’ he’ll be freed from prison before Christmas to serve rest of sentence in Germany, The Sun, 13th of May 2022.

His hope is then to be released out on license in Germany since there are even softer than in the UK when it comes to detaining criminals.

I do like the following comment made in the article:

"We can also reveal Becker is teaching English to foreign prisoners — after requiring a translator at his own trial last month despite being a BBC commentator."