Conflict Marketing

Conflict Marketing

I see M&S are at it again:

M&S slammed after announcing 'positive' change to all of its tills and checkouts, Manchester Evening News, 7th of March 2022.

The article discusses criticism directed at M&S for not donating enough to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. I'd slag them off for giving too much and money at all.

£2.5m in funding, 20,000 items of clothing, etc. All very honourable but one has to question M&S's ongoing role in helping those in the UK, where the company is based. What was M&S doing, say, a year ago for the thousands of British people living in tents and homeless on the streets? Nothing. And what are M&S currently doing to put an end to human rights abuses in China? Nothing. When have M&S had statements on their website and in stores about pledging £millions to the UK's "children and families" in need? This is something they could do 52 weeks a year, but opt not to do so.

For years they don't have a problem dealing with Russia and supplying business to clothing companies based in Turkey such as FiAB, and then all of a sudden seem to develop a conscience. There is an element at play here that is akin with "environmental marketing" and "transgender marketing", in that they believe they have to be seen to be doing something and that it is good for business.

At the end of the day, M&S is a business and driven by profit. It is not a political movement. It's akin with celebrities making statements about Donald Trump or the unvaccinated, etc when all the time they should mind their own business and focus on what they do rather than using their position to make some sort of political or confused or mainstream moral statement.

If the Russia-Ukraine conflict stopped today, give it a few months or years and once the dust had settled and the people's short memories had forgotten all about it, then M&S would pick up again its foreign dealings and return to their maximum profit ethical code. This is why I can't take them seriously, and view it as nothing more than some kind of new church with a somewhat twisted sense of ethics.

All A Bit Too Late

A few days later, M&S found themselves being caught out by their own bullshit:

Marks & Spencer unable to shut Russia franchise stores with 48 shops still open, Mirror, 17th of March 2022.

Marks and Spencer said it is unable to close its 48 stores in Russia due to "complex legal arrangements with local owners".

They're so full of the brown stuff.