Elon Musk - A Bit of a Twit

Elon Musk - A Bit of a Twit

I've always been of the opinion that Elon Musk is a bit of a Twit, and now a bigger Twit that ever as he forks out $3billion on increasing his shares in Twit-ter:

Elon Musk becomes Twitter's biggest shareholder after taking a 9.2% stake to address its failure to 'adhere to free speech principles', Daily Mail, 4th of April 2022.

When Musk sent one of his cars into space, I knew then the man is a Twit.

But buying $3billion in Twitter truly takes the biscuit. Just think what $3billion could do to help free the world a little from poverty and suffering. But nah - burn it on a stupid communication platform. He talks of challenging Putin in a fist fight. How about instead donating the $3billion to help the Ukranian people? He's a confused individual.

He's so stupid to ask the question: "Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy. Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?" and the poll result returns a 70% no. The other 30% who answered yes are truly something and must have been asleep throughout the past 2-3 years.

For me, Twitter is the biggest pile of crap going. Messages and posts no longer than around 200/300 characters - what a stupid dumbing down system. Thousands of posts each and every second, 99.99% of which can't be read and digested simply because there is too much data. And even if they all could be read, they are of zero content.

Where is the common-sense and financial business case for Twitter? There isn't one and never was. And Twit Musk has just poured $3billion into it.

Twitter's accounts can be viewed here. In 2021 they had a $5billion revenue and profit of around $400millon. Why anyone would spend $1 on Twitter is beyond me, but there you have it. Musk poured $3billion into a company with a $5billion turnover and one that makes a profit of $400million (8% of Rev). He might as well have put a match to his $3billion (7.5 times profit). His $3billion gave him a 9% stack in the company, or 9% of $5billion revenue ($450million) or 9% of profit of $400million profit ($36million). When viewed in terms of his 9% stack, the numbers do not add up.