European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights

In June 2022 the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) stuck their noses into UK business regarding the deportation of unwanted illegals to Rwanda:

No 10 not ruling out human rights convention withdrawal after Rwanda flight blow, Salisbury Journal, 15th of June 2022.

What I find amusing about this is that the ECHR felt so strongly about deporting < 100 illegals from a country that is not part of Europe and yet never said a word when Tony [Iraq Genocide] Blair illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. An upperbound estimate of 600,000 innocent Iraqis lost their lives in that mass genocide. They were also very silent when it came to trying this war criminal in their own court.

Why is that? Ahh - that's right - because Blair was and still is a member of the EU fascist club of one of the EU boys. For his loyal support to the EU experiment there will be no trial.

The ECHR is full of shit.