Fuel Bills

Fuel Bills

In June 2022 UKGov was giving away a package totaling £37billion in what it called cost of living payments:

Millions to get first cost-of-living payment from 14 July, BBC News, 15th of June 2022.

Of course, it was yet another example of socialism at work and giving the people a fish as opposed to a fishing rod. And at the same time another Robin Hood policy of taking from the supposedly wealthier and redistributing it to the poorer.

A few years back UKGov turned down a £1.8billion proposal to build a tidal barrier in Wales that would have supplied the UK with renewable energy. UKGov is on record as stating "it wasn't value for money". Now, UKGov hands out 20 times as much in free hand outs, and is still left with an energy crisis. Stupid is as stupid does.

Another example of why the UK is led by donkeys.