Fukushima - 11 Years On

Fukushima - 11 Years On

Supporters of nuclear power always fascinate me for just how stupid they are. They are akin with the religious-lot in that no amount of evidence will convince them that nuclear power is not the way forward.

11 years after the 2011 Fukushima disaster and fish being pulled out of nearby waters are 14 times more radioactive than is considered acceptable:

Fish caught near Fukushima are 14 times too radioactive, The Times, 10th of February 2022.

What about the wildlife that has no choice but to live with these radioactive conditions?

This news comes in just when Japan was going to start releasing 11 years of radioactive water its accumulated back into the ocean. You couldn't make it up!

They have polluted the world with their disaster and will continue to do so and payoff or talk into governing bodies that releasing highly radioactive water into the environment is the right thing to do because they have so much of it and it is too expensive to process.

How anyone can still believe that nuclear power is a viable energy source beggars belief. And still UKGov continues to allow nuclear power stations to be built in the UK using foreign money and foreign workers and companies. Never underestimate the stupidity of government officials.

The Fukushima plant is perfectly safe. It's why people have to permanently full body safety equipment and are restricted to the amount of time we can spend near the old reactors. And that's 11 years on.

The site will be radioactive and a no go area for 1,000s of years. Another one of humankind's legacies.