IoM - Now Singing a Very Different Tune

IoM - Now Singing a Very Different Tune

I was flabbergasted by comments of the Isle of Man health Minister in relation to the removal of COVID_-9 restrictions:

Covid: Isle of Man 'still on track' to drop all legal restrictions, BBC News, 20th of March 2022.

They said:

"I'm not convinced that we need legal restrictions ... to encourage people to do what is essentially the right thing ... by and large people do the right thing anyway"

They are singing a very different tune. Previously, the IoM implemented some of the most strict conditions of the UK and bordering countries. I recall reading of a woman who was sentenced to prison for 14 days after returning to the island and rather than heading straight home stopped off to fill her car up with petrol, probably thinking she might break down. Then there was the case of the workmen from Liverpool, which once on the island stopped off at a supermarket for some sandwiches and then found themselves behind bars.

I always assumed the IoM was governed in a more autonomous and independent manner than the UK, but the COVID bollocks showed just how much the IoM is controlled by UKGov. They could have done things their own way and followed the Swedish and Florida approach but cow-tailed to the UK. It was quite an eye opener as to the behind the scenes pressure that UKGov can exert on the IoM. The IoM went right down in my estimation how they sucked up to the UK and other ways in which they handled COVID. I'll be honest - I'd never revisit the IoM or think about retiring there based on what I read. A really authoritarian government when it came down to it.