Johnson (Mr Thumbs Up) Is Such an Alarmist

Johnson (Mr Thumbs Up) Is Such an Alarmist

Boris Johnson is always such an alarmist. Take his words on the pending invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022. He was on record as saying:

"... the biggest war since 1945 ..." --> Really!

"... sanctions may not be enough ...." --> Simpleton Johnson's Churchillian leanings

"... Putin will face decades of bloodshed and misery ..."--> Simpleton Johnson's Churchillian leanings

"... we stand on the brink of war in Europe ..." --> Is Ukraine in Europe? I don't think so!

I'll say it again: the man is a twit.

Boris Johnson says ‘we stand on the brink’ of war in Europe at ‘very dangerous moment’, Independent, 19th of February 2022.