Just Look At This Nonsense

Just Look At This Nonsense

I know the following image is an artist's impression [I'm not that stupid!] but just look at this utter nonsense:

A human vision for the future of Mars. Not from 1950 but 2022.

The above waste of ink was taken from the following article:

How Lockheed Martin, NASA will send a rocket to Mars to launch samples off the planet to a waiting European Orbiter, NASA Space Flight, 2nd of June 2022.

I find all of this "living on other planets" incredibly tiresome when half of the world's population live out their lives in extreme poverty.

Why the obsession with leaving Earth? Have we fucked it up so much we just can't stand living here anymore?

Why the obession with polluting neighbouring planets and the Universe with our junk?

Space exploration is one of humankind's biggest follies.