Le Pen for French President - Think Again

Le Pen for French President - Think Again

I see mainstream articles seriously tipping Marine Le Pen to replace Macron as the next French President.

There is no way Le Pen will be the next President because she represents the far-right and also because she is not one of the fast track EU fascist boys.

If you seriously believe that Le Pen could be a President of an EU State then you still don't understand how the EU Fascist State operates.

It didn't take long before an investigation was raised to investigate her financial affairs:

French prosecutor studying EU anti-fraud agency report on presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Sky News, 17th of April 2022.

That's just the start as the final two-horse race nears voting day.

But voting day won't make any difference as the voting process will be rigged anyway.

What Did I Say!

There was simply no way Le Pen would be allowed to be President. I'm sure the voting was rigged so that Macron remained in office to push forward the EU agenda. The last thing the EU can now afford after Brexit is for another nation to exit the EU and Macron's term helps ensures the EU sham.

All that has happened under Macron, it is hard to believe anyone voted for him. The way he treated the Yellow Vest protesters, his support for the trashing of Paris and other cities by illegal immigrants, the handling of COVID, etc. And yet here he is with one of the most convincing decisions - what a racket the EU is. But hey - that's how fascism works.

Victorious Macron vows to unite France after fending off Le Pen threat, Guardian, 25th of April 2022.