Midget Gems and The Black Bitch

Midget Gems and The Black Bitch

Two articles caught my eye recently. The first concerns M&S renaming their sweets Midget Gems to something else after some weirdo [Liverpool Hope University lecturer Dr Erin Pritchard] campaigned that the name is considered offensive to small people, midgets and dwarfs. Can you fucking believe it!:

Marks and Spencer rebrands Midget Gems after claims name is offensive to people with dwarfism, Sky News, 13th of January 2022.

I've always had a sweet tooth for Midget Gems (well, good ones) and where do we go next in this Newspeak venture?

Incidentally, M&S Midget Gems are shit, like so many other modern jelly-type sweets that have zero chew. The best ones are made by Lions.

As I have posted elsewhere, M&S are fully engaging this new form of PC-marketing. It doesn't work for me and I see through it just like their environmental marketing even though they ship goods across the world and their anti-slavery marketing when they exploit cheap foreign labour to manufacture their crap. It's a store I make of point of never visiting.

The next one concerns the renaming of the Linlithgow pub The Black Bitch. If you think this is in some racist and refers to a Black woman that is a bitch then you'd be wrong and actually refers to a dog:

Black Bitch pub name change campaigners "genuinely concerned" racist abuse will escalate, Daily Record, 13th of January 2022.

The name Black Bitch has quite a history and based on a 17th century legend about a loyal dog that swam across a river each day to bring food to its master. The pub has had its name for 120 years and stood there with probably few if any complaints. And then all of a sudden there is a campaign to have it renamed.

My issue is that if the pub is renamed to The White Bitch, are there then any complaints?

The Black Bitch pub.