Playing the Faith Card

Playing the Faith Card

I see 2 Extinction Rebellion protesters that just so happened to be priests got off scot free for playing the faith card:

Extinction Rebellion priests who said faith forced them to break the law given ‘perverse’ acquittal, Telegraph, 14th of January 2022.

They've been doing this for centuries believing that BigG is telling them to rape, abuse, murder and do whatever. How people and society still falls for this is a sham.

What kind of defense is it that calls on a person's "faith"? If they were in court for abusing young children (which they are well-known for doing) and their defense is that BigG was ordering them to do it - would they get off with it? For centuries they did but hopefully such a defense would no longer work. So, that raises the question why playing the faith card works when one blocks a train but not for raping a child. Thus, we see the inconsistency in playing the faith card, while at the same time exposing the irrational minds that arrive at letting them off and the flawed legal system.

I could argue that my faith or belief in the pleasure of Jaffa Cakes means that I do not need to pay income tax. It's exactly the same line of reasoning.

I'm all for peaceful demonstrations but when you start interfering with other people's lives and emergency services then you should feel the full might of the law.

Thousands condemn Extinction Rebellion after road blocks stop ambulances getting through, Metro, 17th of February 2022.

Their actions could have cost someone their life.