Sainsbury's Contribution to the Russia-Ukraine War Effort

Sainsbury's Contribution to the Russia-Ukraine War Effort

It's hard not to laugh:

Sainsbury’s renames chicken kievs and pulls all Russian-made products, The Telegraph, 4th of March 2022.

Al right - Russia is attacking Ukraine, but this is truly pathetic. It fits in perfectly with the modern cancel culture that Sainbury's is by some bizarre way trying to cancel the word Kiev. Like all of us thought Putin and communist Russia was a nice place before they invaded Ukraine. Just as China is a terrible communist country that hands out tens of thousand of cases of human rights abuses every year, but Sainsbury's will fill its shelves with their cheap and nasty shit and not blink an eye. What did Sainsbury's do about the Chinese Wuhan COVID-19 bio-weapon? Fuck all.

I'm Not the First

it appears I'm not the first to direct some criticism at Sainbury's wokery:

Sainsbury's slammed by customers as people complain 'woke' has taken over, Birmingham Live, 10th of March 2022.

Nothing more than Conflict Marketing.