"Sound Cameras" - What Next?

"Sound Cameras" - What Next?

If you're a biker then you'll know of the endless attack on your love of the motorbike.

We now read that in France they are testing "sound cameras" to fine bikers with noisy bikes!:

Decibel sensors to curb noisy bikers in French countryside, The Times, 4th of January 2022.

My key issues with such nonsense are:

1) If you bought a motorbike in, say, 1990 then you bought it in good faith. If the world has moved on and no longer thinks such bikes are acceptable, then tough shit. Governments do this sort of nonsense all the time. You leave school at 16 and start paying into the NI state pension scheme and told that you'll be retiring at the age of 65. When you reach 50 you find out the age has been raised to 67, 70, ... It's unacceptable and a form of fraud. Keep the 65 age for those that entered the system and have a different age for those that join later. It's a similar case with purchasing vehicles.

2) If I have a motorbike then it is law that I have it MOTed. If it passes the MOT then it fit to go on any public highway. It's their own system. And to then penalise people for doing so if pure madness and vindictive.

3) If I buy a motorbike today in 2022 and people think it is noisy, then what is the government allowing manufacturers to sell such bikes?

4) In the UK motorbikes form less than 2% of registered vehicles on the road. It's the other 98% of smelly vans, trucks and buses where the focus should be addressed.