Stella Creasy: "some women were born with penises"

Stella Creasy: "some women were born with penises"

Labour MP Stella Creasy tried making a name for herself in May 2022 when she stated:

“Do I think some women were born with penises? Yes”

Let's rephrase that, can a female have a penis? Can a female squirrel or hedgehog have a penis? Most biologists would reply no. Can a female woman have a penis? Again, the answer is no. And so we reduce the question down to can a woman have a penis. For me, again the answer is no but others disagree.

Let's look at Creasy's confused logic in the following article:

'JK Rowling is wrong - a woman CAN have a penis' says Labour's Stella Creasy as she recalls being threatened with gang rape when she was a student, Daily Mail, 28th of May 2022.

Firstly, yet another attack on JK Rowling.

She states:

"JK Rowling doesn't support self-identification whereas I do. Of course biological sex is real - it's just not the end of the conversation."

Kind of OK so far. We then have:

"I am somebody who would say that a trans woman is an adult human female."

and here we see her confusion. If she had said "a trans woman is an adult human woman" then it would have slotted into the modern gender confusion but she has in fact claimed a woman/trans-woman is a female. That is wrong!

She states:

"Do I want to live in a world where we're policing everyone who goes into a toilet? No."

Regrettably, there are perverted men/trans-women from which women and females needs to be protected. You cannot allow a state in which both male and female use the same public toilets. It has to be acknowledged that there are some people who claim to be women and who are men/male and have serious mental issues and are in fact a danger to women. Denying this fact is naive and ignoring the facts of mental illness in the trans-community.

The rest of the article sums up her confused mind as she rants away.

Why Weren't All Women Born With Penises?

When we ask the related question "Why Weren't All Women Born With Penises?", you reveal the flaw in Creasy's logic. We know that all females are not born with penises. We used to assume the same that all women were not born with penises. Mixing female/women/gender does nothing more than to add a sort of confused semantics to the debate, when deep down no one is pulling the wool over no one's eyes.

A One-Sided Debate

This debate is as a rule one-sided. It is rare to see people defending the clain "Some men were born with wombs". The reason we don't see such claims is that it is typically males arguing they are women rather than females arguing they are men. And that raises the question why is it so biased? And once you start invetigating why this bias exists then you start to get at the heart of the debate.