Test-demic Verification

Test-demic Verification

Many people have commented how the handling of COVID-19 was a testdemic. As noted in the previous article COVID-19 Deaths With No Underlying Conditions, COVID-19 was no worse than annual flu when we look at the number of deaths.

If you had tested every man, woman and dog 10 years before the outbreak of COVID-19 for flu or the common cold you would have detected millions of cases. And this is exactly what the mass testing of COVID-19 showed. CVs are everywhere and literally unstoppable - it's why they are as the carrier for bioweapons.

And so UKGov got more sick and tired of the restrictions and mass testing than the people themselves, and by January 2022 they realised they'd done their best to bankrupt the country and further economic destruction wasn't necessary. On the 20th of January 2022 it was announced that the wearing of face nappies and working from home were to end:

Mask-wearing and working from home to go as England's Plan B rules set to end, ITV News, 20th of January 2022.

But look at the number of cases on the same date:

Number of cases of COVID-19 in the UK as of the 20th of January 2022.

I'm not saying this data means anything, as I've said it's horse shit from the start - but it's their data. And what do we see from it? 152,872 new cases reported on the 20th of January 2022 - 22 times the peak values of March/April 2020. "But Omicron is less severe than Delta" people would say. Oh - so it's not about the number of cases, or the R number or any other metric now? Honestly, they made it up as they went along.

On the 20th of January 2022. there were a reported 359 deaths, which I acknowledge isn't hitting the 1,000+ daily deaths of March/April 2020 but back in 2020 if 359 deaths were being reported there was mass hysteria. It's as though UKGov no longer has a stomach for the fight and is caught admitting it's own 2 years of bullshit. They now well know that the 359 deaths could easily be divided by a factor of 10 and reduced down to 35, and the vast majority (>90%) of those would be in the over 65s who have weakened immune systems anyway. And this was nothing new and the pattern from the start and the same pattern with annual flu.

Another piece of comedy was the circulated urban myth of "Omicron is far more transmissible than Delta". No it wasn't - it was simply that the mass-testing programme was in full swing by the time Omicron came along.

Yes, without doubt COVID-19 was the Test-demic. Test for the common cold, flu or any other CV and you'll find millions of cases. And what do you do? You've found nothing new but simply measuring it.

As I've stated before several times, the handling of COVID-19 has to go down as one of the biggest government cockups in history. And how many such examples of cockups do the people need before so-called senate-based parliamentary democracy is ditched for good?

Sum of the Human Suffering

Just think of the sum of human suffering by forcing the people to wear face nappies - in some cases all day long. Preventing loved ones from seeing each other. Excess mortality and suffering resulting from cancelled health treatment. Etc, etc, etc. Absolutely miserable while at the same time totally unnecessary. And then there was the completely unnecessary mass vaccination programme. The pain, suffering, disability and death resulting from the vaccination programmes throughout the world is truly immeasurable. And what about the induced mental health? Millions of people are now left with permanent mental illness as a direct of government intervention. And all for what? Something that was far less severe than annual flu.