The Benefits of Migration

The Benefits of Migration

I've lost count of how many times I've read such news reports about immigrants relocating to the UK only with the sole intention of carrying out crime and never doing a hard day's work and being a role model citizen:

Couple who kept slaves in Bristol house known as 'gate to hell' are jailed, Sky News, 22nd of June 2022.

This time we have Maros Tancos and Joanna Gomulska [presumably Slovakian] who trafficked modern day slaves to the UK.

At least 29 Slovak's brought to the UK from one slum to make the UK another slum.

Nearly £1million milked from the slaves. Was any income tax paid, any NI, any employer NI, pension contributions, ...?

Will UKGov make any attempt to recoup the ~£1million? Not a chance. Will it deport the enslaved people? Not a chance.

And to finish it off, the UK taxpayer is now faced with presumably paying further £millions for the upperbound 25 years in prison this couple will spend.

How do such people [couple and slaves] enter the country when none of them have anything to offer? What kind of migration policy is that? One of the UK being some sort of international migration charity? If that is the case then it is one that will bankrupt the UK and turn it into a third world slum, which it is rapidly descending.

The indigenous UK tax paying citizen is being seen and used as a mug. And with so many native citizens seeing this and doing all they can to avoid contributing to the tax system, no wonder the UK is now has more than £2.2trillion National Debt, and growing by the day. Socialism will bankrupt the UK. Everyone knows it, but many don't want to admit it and do anything about it.