The Bullshit That Is COVID-19 Symptoms

The Bullshit That Is COVID-19 Symptoms

Right from the start of the COVID-19 outbreak the official narrative was that "COVID-19 is not flu". They then tell us of the symptoms of COVID-19:

NHS adds six more Covid symptoms to official list in first update in two years, Wales Online, 4th of April 2022.

The list of symptoms:

  • High temperature

  • A continuous cough

  • Loss or change to the sense of smell or taste

  • Shortness of breath

  • Feeling tired or exhausted

  • An aching body

  • A headache

  • A sore throat

  • A blocked or runny nose

  • Loss of appetite

  • Diarrhoea

  • Feeling sick or being sick

I've had several colds and flu once in my life and like most people I know what the symptoms are. You get a high temperature until your fever breaks. As mucus slides down the back of the throat you instinctively start coughing. Because the airways and throat are infected you can lose your sense of taste and smell. Because your lungs can be full of flem and your airways blocked then you can have a shortest of breath. We all know that a cold/flu makes you feel groggy. An aching body is a common symptom, particularly with flu. Since the sinuses are blocked it is common to suffer from headaches. A sore throat comes with the coughing. And a runny nose from your body doing its best to expel the mucus. A loss of appetite is natural since you feel dreadful. I'll confess that I've never associated diarrhoea and feeling sick with a cold or flu, but maybe some people do.

Thus, what is really new in the above list? Hardly nothing. COVID-19 symptoms are nothing new in CV symptoms that people have known about and dealt with for thousands of years.