The Royals - Still Living in the Dark Ages

The Royals - Still Living in the Dark Ages

You had to laugh at the photograph of the "royal" leeches William and Kate taking a ride in a landrover while on tour of their dominion in Jamaica:

Prince William and Kate’s salute to the Queen – from her customary Land Rover – during Jamaica visit, Telegraph, 24th of March 2022.

Bill & Kate - true dummies.

There they are all in white being driven by a Black with numerous Blacks standing to attention, ready to serve and die for their "royal" leaders. The Telegraph article distracts from this aspect by instead focusing on the heap of shit landrover.

What do they look like? Kate looks like a stuffed dummy, or some sort of elaborate wax work. And Bill playing the toy soldier all donned out in military drag with his medals - a man that never saw true action and was always miles behind enemy lines. Medals for turning up - he's a disgrace to true professional soldiers.

An image that could ave been taken not in 2022 but 1922.

Yes - that's more like it - back in the distant past where they belong:

The "royal" dinosaurs.