The Vatican and Inequality

The Vatican and Inequality

I just love brainwashing headlines such as these from the Vatican:

Pope to priests: Seek to eradicate all forms of inequality, Vatican News, 7th of February 2022.

That's ALL forms of inequality. I didn't write this but the Vatican themselves.

OK. Let's remove ALL forms of sexual inequality starting with the exclusively male Vatican Bishops. And how about a female Pope?

As we see this is nothing more than hot air from one the most unequal organisations going that repeatedly break Equal Rights legislation throughout the world.

The Vatican and Catholic Church are one of the most sexist organisations going in the 21st century, and have been since they were founded. The only difference today is that I am able to call them as being unequal and sexist without having my head chopped off or being burnt at the stake. And yet they persist with their inequality right in front of everyone's face. And what does a government such as UKGov do about it? Not a thing. They let them hide behind their sadistic scriptures.

The Vatican talking of removing all forms of inequality - what an absolute joke.