Tony [Iraq Genocide] Blair and His Knighthood

Tony [Iraq Genocide] Blair and His Knighthood

2022 kicked off in the UK with the New Year's Honours being handed out, and guess who picked one up: Tony [Iraq Genocide] Blair:

Petition to have Tony Blair stripped of his knighthood gathers pace, The National, 1st of January 2022.

It's so typical of how the UK operates. A monster of a man drags the UK into the mass genocide of over 600,000 innocent Iraqi civilians by way of the illegal post-9/11 attacks. Millions of Brits take to the streets to object to the nation's involvement and this act of genocide. But it makes no difference. There then follows the typical piss-poor whitewash inquiry which is non-legally binding, which takes years and no one finds themselves being prosecuted. And to top it all off once the dust has settled the monster is awarded a Knighthood. It's a fucking outrage, but no surprise in the awful country that the UK has become.

Blair's insistence on dragging the UK into the Iraq mass-genocide also resulted in the deaths of countless innocent British civilians by way of the "terrorist" attacks by Muslims on British soil by way of bombings, the use of vehicles, knife attacks and so on. It's called fallout and anyone with an ounce of common sense knew it would come to this as he bullshitted his way through the dysfunctional House of Commons trying to hoodwink everyone that mass-genocide was in some way morally right and legal. Yes - the UK has a legal system and House of Commons that allows mass-genocide to make its way through.

Blair should have been tried for war crimes and genocide and locked up. But what happens instead? They award him a Knight of the Realm! The same organisation and government that awards knighthoods to known paedophiles such as Jimmy Savile and others, and so what else can one expect.

I am not alone in waiting for this monster of a man to drop dead.

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For what good it will do, sign the petition:

Tony Blair to have his "Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter" rescinded

The man is evil.

As of the 5th of January, more than 688,000 people had taken the time to register their disgust.

By the 7th of January the number of signatures passed the 1,000,000 mark and was still climbing.

By the 13th of January the number had passed 1,100,000 but was slowing down.

And a few months later on the 23rd of March there had been 1,153,000 registered signatures.

An indication of the hatred for the man in the UK and around the world.


Did the petition make any difference? None what so ever. The man is hated and detested throughout the UK and rest of the world and yet he got his piss-poor knighthood at the end of the day. A man that played his part in the mass genocide of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians and 20 years on is knighted for playing his part in this genocide. Don't ever been mistaken in believing that the UK is some form of democracy that holds up high a torch as a moral compass of all that is right and good. Deep down the UK government and establishment is rotten to the core.