UK Legal System - An Arse

UK Legal System - An Arse

I've commented numerous times as to what an arse the UK legal system is, and a beautiful example of this was how it dealt with the disgraced ex boss of Norton Motorcycles, Stuart Garner.

In April 2022 we learnt how this down right crook had evaded a custodial sentence:

How Stuart Garner Dodged Jail, 18th of April 2022, Cycle World.

Here is a man that knowingly took parts of bikes that were sent back to the factory for repair and reused them on newly sold bikes, leaving the original bikes wanting repair in their factory for months at a time. Also, this was downright dangerous and could have resulted in the death or lifelong injury of a person.

Here is a man that knowingly took money from the company pension fund and illegally invested it. And what was his reply? "I didn't know I was doing anything wrong". Oh come on - seriously! As the article states:

"... the judge accepted that Garner did not know that he was breaking the law and opted to give him a suspended sentence rather than imprisoning him. ..."

Horse shit!

There are numerous honest decent working people who's retirements have been destroyed by the criminal actions of this man. Literally, £millions of pension money poured down the drain.

Here is a man that used company funds to fund his array of sports cars. Money was also used to purchase property, and goodness knows what else.

Here is a man that conned UKGov and the taxpayer out of £10million in funding.

Here is a man that conned TT racer John McGuinness.

etc etc etc.

And the sentence? A 2 year suspended sentence. It is truly laughable.