Refugee Strip One

UK - The 1% of the World's Population Nation That Seriously Believes It Can Sort Out The Other 99%'s Problems

The Russian - Ukrainian conflict is clearly terrible but the UK cannot sort out the world's problems. The UK is around 1% of the world's population, but there appears to be a mindset in government and certain members of the people that seriously believe they can sort out the other 99%'s problems. Whether it is burning £15billion/year (£476/second) on foreign aid to Africa - yes, that is what the UK pays. Offering refugee status to millions of people fleeing the Middle East and Europe - 1,000s / day. Offering upto 3 million VISAs to Hong Kongers - yes, 3 million. And now offering permanent VISAs to Ukrainian refugees.

In 1984, Orwell referred to the UK as Airstrip One. He got it wrong. It is Refugee Strip One.