UKGov Got the Age Down to 5 for COVID-19 Vaccines

UKGov Got the Age Down to 5 for COVID-19 Vaccines

Like a little Jack Russell dog at your heels that just won't let go of your trouser leg, UKGov persisted with its intention of lowering the age for vaccines. They now have it down to age 5:

Covid: Covid jabs offered to at-risk five to 11-year-olds in England, and National Insurance hike confirmed, BBC News, 30th of January 2022.

The way they did it was to offer it to the "vulnerable"! We all know this is a foot in the door and given time all 5 year olds will be given the vaccine. And after that they'll be working on getting the babies and newborns injected.

There is no risk-benefit case for injecting anyone below the age of 18, and infect below the age of 65 since 84% of all deaths are in the over 65s. To persist on injecting the young is nothing more than reckless and stinks of a hidden agenda.

Drip by Drip

I can read UKGov like a book. First it was the over 85s being vaccinated. Then, the over 65s and onto the 18 year olds. They were then faced with vaccinating and injecting children and the vulnerable and innocent, and how to overcome that hurdle. Just adopt the customary drip by drip strategy. And so onto the 15-18 year olds. Whew - we got over that hurdle - what's next? And onto the 12-5 year olds. As stated above at first it was targeting the "vulnerable", and once that hurdle was overcome it was onto all children as low as 5. And by February 2022 they had achieved their goal:

COVID-19: Wales becomes first UK nation to offer coronavirus vaccines to all five to 11-year-olds, Sky News, 15th of February 2022.

Children have never been at risk from COVID-19 - the evidence is truly overwhelming and yet big pharma and backed up by government hounds them into submission. As everyone else got vaccinated (or as many as would take it up) started to dwindle it was onto 2nd, 3rd, nth jabs, and when that started to dry up it was onto the <18s and down to the babies. And after they've injected all the babies and newborns it will be injecting all pregnant women, which they've already addressed. And after that it will be injecting direct into the fetus, and so on and so on. There is too much money at stake to stop now. And regarding the freewill of the innocent - fuck that and get them injected and catch them while they're young.

A mindless machine that cares nothing for those damaged in its path.

And Then Quickly Followed by Scotland

Within 24 hours of the Welsh announced, the Scottish government announced that COVID-19 vaccines would be offered to children as young as 5 in Scotland:

Covid in Scotland: Vaccine offered to children aged five to 11, BBC News, 16th of February 2022.

Next will be England, and then onto the babies.

Less than a month later, Scotland announced it was pressing ahead with dishing out vaccine number 4 to the elderly and "most vulnerable" and down to 5 year olds:

Covid in Scotland: Fourth jab rolled out for most vulnerable, BBC News, 7th of March 2022.

Before the Day Was Over

And before the day was over, on the 16th of February UKGov announced that ALL children down to the age of 5 would be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines throughout the entire UK:

COVID-19: All children aged 5-11 in UK will be offered coronavirus vaccine as England and Northern Ireland become latest nations to confirm plan, Sky News, 16th of February 2022.

In 3 - 6 months time it will under 5 year olds.

And Onto the Babies

Don't you just hate being right! In the US they are already trialing the use of COVID-19 vaccines on children as young as 6 months old:

Pfizer jab for young children found to be ineffective against Omicron, MSN, 18th of February 2022.

Pfizer's vaccine proved useless, but it makes no difference because none of the vaccines stopped the spread anyway. What's important is that the intent is out there and before long it will be approved.

It's been known for decades that vaccines don't work on the young and old because the young haven't got a fully developed immune system and the elderly's immune systems are on their way out. But such facts makes no difference.