What Does It Take Today To Get A Custodial Prison Sentence?

What Does It Take Today To Get A Custodial Prison Sentence?

The UK legal system has become a laughing stock and a danger to the innocent and law abiding people who live in the country. There are endless cases in which a person escapes prison for truly horrific crimes. Consider this one for example:

Dad who threatened to cut baby out of pregnant ex and pushed her into pool in vile attack AVOIDS jail, The Sun, 2nd of February 2022.

Ian Raymond Hindmarsh committed the following acts of violence against his partner:

  • 4 year long campaign of physical and verbal abuse

  • Threatened to cut out his ex-partner’s unborn baby

  • Pushed her into a pool

  • Bit his partner’s face

  • Strangled her

  • Spat at her

  • The victim was left with such severe mental health problems she planned to take her own life

And the sentence by the great UK legal system? An 18 month suspended prison sentence. Why no prison sentence? In the judge's own words: "A prison sentence would have a significant impact on your children and your ability to support them financially”. You could say that about any criminal.

And they talk of a zero tolerance system towards domestic violence.

A Comparison

Another problem with UK law is how inconsistent it is. Let's compare the above case with that of stalker Riagain Grainger:

Stalker who harassed Manchester student is jailed, BBC News, 2nd of February 2022.

He stalked a fellow student for a period of 3 months [far less then the above case of 4 years]. His harassment consisted of threatening messages and images, but from the article states at no time was he physically violent with his victim.

And now to the sentencing: 2 and 1/2 years.

Both crimes are wrong but the one in which a person bites another person's face, attempts to strangle them and subjects them to 4 years of mental abuses receives no custodial sentence whereas a non-violent stalker receives 2.5 years. How can that be? Why? Because Hindmarsh's lawyer pleads that he has children to provide for? And so if stalker Grainger was married and with dependents he'd get no custodial sentence? This is absolutely nutty the UK legal system.

To sum up: Hindmarsh received a 9 month sentence [18 month suspended] for a 4 year long ordeal of harassment, biting a person's face, strangulation, etc and Grainger received a 30 month prison sentence [30/9=3.33 times more severe] for non-violent stalking.

The UK Legal System is a Daily Laughing Stock

I could fill an entire database with the daily cases of the flawed legal system in the UK. Here's another case:

Carlisle modern slavery boss given suspended sentence, BBC News, 4th of February 2022.

The case involves a mentally impaired victim who was subjected to modern day slavery for 40 years - yes, 40 years. One of the accused, Peter Swailes, denied treating the victim like a slave even though he financially exploited him and knew of the terrible living conditions in which he was housed. He clearly took no action in notifying the authorities and simply allowed the victim's conditions and financial exploitation to continue. He was served a 9 month sentence, suspended for 18, because UKGov and its legal system just hate locking people up.

Swailes was paying the victim £10 a day [not an hour but a day]. Why isn't Swailes made to back date minimum wage payments to the victim? Was Swailes paying employer NI, pension contributions, etc? I'm confident he wasn't. And yet, I'd be very surprised if UKGov, HMRC or the legal system pursues Swailes for such financial compensation to the victim and HMRC.

The legal system is designed so that the UK taxpayer is swindled.

The Car Has Always Been A Murder Weapon with Minimal Consequences

Here's another:

Speeding Met cop weeps as he is spared jail for killing charity worker on zebra crossing, LBC, 4th of February 2022.

23 year old Andrew MacIntyre Brown was mowed down by a police car while he was on a zebra crossing - the holy grail of pedestrian access.

PC Daniel Francis was travelling at 3 times the speed limit at 60mph and without flashing blue lights or siren while he pursued another person. So, Francis killed MacIntyre Brown while he was on a zebra crossing, he was travelling at 3 times the speed limit and contrary to police regulations of having blue lights flashing and the use of siren to alert innocent bystanders. And with all that - no prison sentence and suspended sentence for 2 years.

I find the judge's comments amusing:

"I do however hope that the guilty plea and sentence offer some resolution to this aspect of this tragic case."