What Some People Think of Their Local Environment

It's unreal how some people value so little their local environment and the outside what is wildlife's home:

Fly-tipping gangs are costing council millions, new study reveals, Sky News, 27th of April 2022.

The above article describes how fly-tipping is now a serious problem in the UK, and yet councils and governments don't seem bothered since the number of prosecutions and fines are on the decrease. If I had my way, I would be handing a minimum of 1 year sentence for fly-tipping.

Where I live, the local Council used to provide a free service for removing unwanted items such as a fridge, bath, etc. In its infinite wisdom they now charge £33 for that service. And guess what - the amount of fly-tipping has increased. The Council will receive minimal revenue from the £33 collections but spend £millions cleaning up the fly-tipping.

Just look at this mess. The human animal is a bum.