Why I Hate the Human Race

Why I Hate the Human Race

I have written before about "culling", which when translated means the murdering of non-humans.

Yet another example of this was the murder of 1 million [yes, 1 million] birds in Lincolnshire alone:

Bird flu in Lincolnshire: One million culled in bid to halt spread, BBC News, 5th of January 2022.

It follows an outbreak of the H5N1 virus, with 63 confirmed cases since November.

Yes, 63 confirmed cases and yet 1 million birds murdered !! Fucking unbelievable.

Why the 63 birds couldn't be treated and cared for in a "humane" manner and the others periodically tested? But nah - just slaughter them all.

It truly sickens me and why I am a vegan. I want no part in this hideous side of the human monster.

It's why I like the BHWT because their view is to treat these animals with respect after they have given their lives to us in giving us eggs, etc. It's a similar story here in that these animals should be treated with dignity.

It also says a lot about UKGov that allows this to happen - in fact orders it to happen.

Us and Them

Why when we find an outbreak of COVID-19 in, say, a care home we don't cull all the elderly residents? When this simple question is asked and frowned upon for being even suggested then we start to get at the heart of humans versus non-humans. Murder 1 million birds and hens and no one blinks an eye. Murder 1 million people and we are talking about it for centuries, erecting memorials, writing books, etc. Humans - the two-faced species.