Wimbledon Doesn't Like Russians

Wimbledon Doesn't Like Russians

I wasn't surprised when snooty Wimbledon banned ALL Russians from competing at Wimbledon in 2022:

Wimbledon 2022: Russian & Belarusian players banned from tournament, BBC News, 20th of April 2022.

At first it appeared they were just going to ban those Russians who stood a chance of winning, but they then decided to ban ALL Russian players.

Where's the logic to this decision? Because Putin invades Ukraine we are supposed to ban the selling of Russian vodka, Russian cars, Russian chocolate bars, ..., and Russian sports men and women. It's moronic. Most Russians will not agree with the invasion of Ukraine, and even if they did it is still nothing to do with them. And so placing sanctions on the country does nothing apart from subject the innocent Russian people to terrible poverty. And if you think the public mood influences the decision of someone like Putin and his government then you're dead wrong.

So, what is the banning of Russian tennis players at Wimbledon really about? They are tennis players for goodness sake, who just want to play tennis and knock yellow balls around over a net.

Fellow tennis players disagreed with the decision, with Novak Djokovic stating the decision was "crazy" and Martina Navratilova stating it was "not the way to go".

The Wimbledon lot issued a formal statement on their website:

Wimbledon Statement

Their reason is:

"In the circumstances of such unjustified and unprecedented military aggression, it would be unacceptable for the Russian regime to derive any benefits from the involvement of Russian or Belarusian players with The Championships. ..."

Absolute bullshit.

Politics and sport are two very different things and both should never mix. In fact, sport can often help bring down barriers between different people and nations rather than strengthen them.

But there you have it - Australia banning Djokovic due to a vaccine and Wimbledon banning Russia due to a conflict thousands of miles away.

OK If You Denounce Russia

It's a standpoint but I don't agree with being able to play sport provide you denounce your own country. That's what Elina Svitolina believes:

Wimbledon: Elina Svitolina says Russians who denounce Ukraine invasion should play, BBC News, 21st of April 2022.

It's a form of blackmail and a bizarre form of logic.

It's akin with:

Denouncing the country of your birth and place of work and then continuing to fund its mass genocide of other races through the income tax system.

Denouncing the human rights abuses against the Tibetian people by the Chinese and then continuing to buy their cheap shit off eBay.

Denouncing the rape allegations of Roman Polanski and the pedo behaviour of Woody Allen and then continuing to pay to watch their films.


Politics should never enter sport, music, the arts, etc and that's the end of it.