Hi and welcome to my website.

A key problem with the Internet is that I could be any-one and any-where. Instead, I am a no-one that lives in the UK, otherwise known as the United Kingdom of Torture.


Hopefully this website is a little refreshing in that doesn't need to ask you about cookies because it doesn't use them. No need for a privacy statement because no personal data is stored. No modern day slavery statement. No environmental marketing declaration. You are not forced to sit through irrelevant advertisements before viewing the content. There's no distracting animations, banners, advertisements, popups, donations link, or dialogs begging you to subscribe to some bullshit spamming newsletter. No annual Christmas Wikipedia begging message. A return to the early days of the Internet when it was a pleasure to use.

Having said all that, if you like that sort of thing head over to Twit, FuckBook, AdTube, etc if you want to be abused.