101 Reasons


God Does Not Exist

101 Reasons Why God Does Not Exist

"Does God Exist?" – the age old question that has occupied humankind ever since the concept of God was conjured up. There are several atheist books currently on the shelves that tackle this question but this book differs by presenting 101 short and concise standalone arguments against God’s existence. The Reasons make for thought provoking and compelling reading. An ideal book to dip into at random, “101 Reasons Why God Does Not Exist” is essential reading for negating the irrational and illogical dogma of religion.

This book consists of 101 Reasons why BigG doesn't exist. These range from Reason 1. "All Knowledgeable" with intermediate reasons such as 18. “Live A Life Of Fear”, 19. “Fondness For Beetles And Water”, 92. “Fanatic Literalism” and concluding with Reason 101. "Doublethink".

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Book Details

Published: October 2019; Originally published 2012 and updated in 2019

Number of Words: 56,000

Number of Pages: ~224 at 250 words/page for a standard fiction paperback

The complete list of Reasons:

Reason 1. All Knowledgeable

Reason 2. All Knowing

Reason 3. The Unknowable

Reason 4. Omnipotent God

Reason 5. God’s Uniqueness

Reason 6. Constancy of God

Reason 7. Imperfect Creation

Reason 8. Delusional Beliefs

Reason 9. Too Good To Be True

Reason 10. Meaningless Universe

Reason 11. Faith ≡ Blind Credulity

Reason 12. On Your Knees

Reason 13. Only The Human Ego

Reason 14. The Pointlessness Of Prayer

Reason 15. Unanswered Prayers

Reason 16. Same Wavelength

Reason 17. Life, The Computer Game

Reason 18. Live A Life Of Fear

Reason 19. Fondness For Beetles And Water

Reason 20. A Loveless Creation

Reason 21. Wasteful Creation

Reason 22. The Loving God

Reason 23. Dr Dolittle

Reason 24. And God Said “I’ll Spread Dung On Your Face”

Reason 25. You Can’t See My Face

Reason 26. Incomprehensible Texts

Reason 27. Everything Has Its Time

Reason 28. Divine Intervention

Reason 29. As Long As My God Is A Good Looking White Male

Reason 30. The Abyss

Reason 31. Evolution

Reason 32. The Carbon-Dating Logic

Reason 33. Transfer Your DNA

Reason 34. Multi-Gods

Reason 35. Single God

Reason 36. Is Google God?

Reason 37. Indoctrination

Reason 38. Human-Focus

Reason 39. Religiously Intolerant

Reason 40. Chances Are

Reason 41. Value For Money?

Reason 42. Ever Lasting Life

Reason 43. Eternal Happiness

Reason 44. Heaven Versus Hell

Reason 45. Free Speech

Reason 46. Sophie’s World

Reason 47. Biblical Contradictions

Reason 48. Biblical Atrocities

Reason 49. Same Old Book

Reason 50. Humankind’s Free Will

Reason 51. Miraculously Common Place

Reason 52. We’re All Sinners

Reason 53. Confess Your Sins Away

Reason 54. Here And Now

Reason 55. What Next?

Reason 56. God’s Servants and Followers

Reason 57. God’s Form

Reason 58. Existence of God

Reason 59. Where Does God Hide?

Reason 60. Earth-Centric Universe

Reason 61. The Vatican Bank

Reason 62. The Holy Father

Reason 63. Man To God

Reason 64. Jesus The Man

Reason 65. The Ten Commandments

Reason 66. Rewriting Of History

Reason 67. The Soul

Reason 68. Evil

Reason 69. No Religion – No Art

Reason 70. Abortion

Reason 71. Gay Rights

Reason 72. Women Priests

Reason 73. The Christian Church’s Extermination Of Witches

Reason 74. A Law Unto Themselves

Reason 75. A Bunch Of Hypocrites

Reason 76. Language Of Gobbledygook

Reason 77. Fact Or Fiction

Reason 78. Is Astrology More Entertaining Than Religion?

Reason 79. The Atheist View

Reason 80. The Quotable Atheist

Reason 81. Natural Born Killers

Reason 82. Sick And Twisted Interpretations

Reason 83. It Created Nothing

Reason 84. God Does Not Exist

Reason 85. Arguments Against The Existence Of God

Reason 86. Science Versus Religion

Reason 87. Philosophy Versus Religion

Reason 88. Protection Of The State

Reason 89. Divorce

Reason 90. The Big Bang

Reason 91. Hate Mail And Death Threats

Reason 92. Fanatic Literalism

Reason 93. Irrational Reasoning

Reason 94. Before You Were Born

Reason 95. You Name It – They’ve Thought Of It

Reason 96. The Seven Deadly “Sins”

Reason 97. To Infinity And Beyond

Reason 98. The One True God

Reason 99. Filling The Minds Of The Innocent With Mumbo Jumbo

Reason 100. A Miserable Existence

Reason 101. Doublethink